Who I am

A very normal and ordinary human with having desire to share good things, I know…

So so much inspired from Creator and its every perfect creation, and what could be more Perfect then his Messenger (PBUH).

Every child’s unquestionable Hero is his father, We see the World Through their eyes. My father, my mentor Squadron Leader (r) S.M Sial truly gentle and upright human, he filled our hearts with confidence and believe.

I completed early Education at PAF sacred heart Schools, completed Bachelor in CS & I.T, after completing Law Degree, round of with Masters in Human resource management.


Country Head: www.ilmEasy.com

Senior Legal Advisor & Consultant : www.Lawspk.com
Advocate High Court 

Lifetime Member High Court Lahore Bar Association

Senior Solicitor at: Smart ways Advisors

Ex V. Chairman Police Lawyers Liaison Committee

Director at Bright Eaglets Group of Colleges www.brighteaglets.edu.pk

Thank You from Asif Sher Sial

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